25-year Limited Residential
10 Year Limited Commercial Warranty

American Pro Porch Board, Deck and accessory items (“the products”) are warranted by Patwin Plastics, Inc. (Patwin”, “manufacturer”), in accordance with the following terms and conditions,to the original purchaser orproperty owner at the time of purchase. The product will be free of manufacturing defects that would cause splitting, flaking, rotting, or structural defects as a direct result of the manufacturing process for the life of theproduct. Product may be subject to lightening and natural weathering, depending upon environmentalconditions. Weathering is not a material defect or a product warranty issue.The Deck and Porch products are
designed to resist fading however no material is fade proof when exposed to years of ultraviolet light-The product will not fade after exposed to light and weathering more than 5 DeltaE(CIE)units.


EXCLUSIONS:This limited lifetime warranty is void if any of the following should occur: 1) improper installation by purchaser or third party 2) settling, distortion or collapse of the structure on which it is installed 3) improper handling, storage or abuse of product; snow removal or other scraping with a metal shovel or other metal object constitutes abuse 4) naturally occurring causalities including, but not limited to, flooding, tornados,earthquakes, hurricanes 5) improper surface application of paints or other chemicals not recommended by manufacturer. 6)Exposure to extreme heat sources including reflecting sunlight from Low-E glass-directly or in directly. Purchaser is responsible to determine the safety and suitability of any use or application of the products. Purchaser should contact local authorities, as building codes vary from area to area. This warranty applies only to single family and residential applications. For all other installations, including commercial, this warranty shall be limited to 10 years. Value of any and all claims shall be at the sole discretion of Patwin Plastics, and will be prorated over the life of the warranty. Under no circumstances shall the repair/replacement exceed the original purchase price.


Warranty Clam:Any purchaser seeking remedies under this warranty must notify manufacturer within 30 days of discovery of any defect or nonconformity.The purchaser must include proof of purchase and explain the defect. Manufacturer’s liability is limited to replacement of defectives products. The terms of this warranty shall constitute the entire liability of Patwin. Under no circumstance shall Patwin be liable for special, consequentialor punitive damages arising from the use of Patwin Plastics. This warranty supersedes any previous warranty, either written or implied.

Stain And Fade Warranty:The products are made to resist permanent staining from food and beverage items that might be spilled on the surface.Any such item spilled on the surface should be cleaned with soap and water or mild household cleaner within one(1)week of exposure on immediately upon appearance.


Warranty clam procedure:
Clams regarding stain: If the purchaser is making a clam regarding stain warranty the purchaser must do all of the following-1)Attempt to clean the affected area of the product described above within one(1) week of exposure to the food or beverage.2)IF after completing step 1 if the affected area is still reasonably unsatisfactory the purchaser must have the affected area of the product cleaned by a professional deck cleaner at the purchaser’s expense.3)If after completing steps 1 and 2 the affected area is still reasonably unsatisfactory the purchaser may make a clam under the stain warranty, provided that such clam is made within 30 days after professional cleaning.


All Clams:
Purchaser must ,no later than the end of the warranty period, send to Patwin proof of purchase date, a description and photographs of the affected area of the product ,and if the clam relates to the warranty on stain resistance reasonable proof of compliance with the requirements stated above in ”Clams Regarding Stain Warranty” to the following address-2300 E Linden Ave Linden NJ 07036.
Patwin reserves the right to request additional information and reasonable documentation and proof for all warranty clams.